5 industries that benefit from chatbots already

Chatbot  — is a computer program that mimics conversation with people using artificial intelligence.


Their functionality went way beyond than it was at first, that’s why they make everyday life easier.
Now chatbots can be found in any branch starting with simple chat conversation up to the chatbot that can manage your money.

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular applications in the world. Now over 1.2 billion people actively use Messenger every month.

In this article, I would like to discuss some Messenger chatbots from different branches that are already successful.

1. Entertainment

Entertainment — is a time when people can relax. When they can have some fun and forget about routine for a while.

But, people do not often have time for some extra activities in today’s world.

Searching for interesting content makes you tired and bored, even when you are visiting a news website.

So people have found another way to have fun.

This “way” is their smartphones.

People use FB Messenger via phone every day. That’s why Messenger chatbot games were developed.

One of the most spread chatbot games in Facebook Messenger is MojiHunt.

It was followed by more than 20 000 users.

In this game, you are passing tasks using stickers and getting your rewards. This game is for those people who want to “kill” their time waiting in the line or being in public transport. Or for those, who need to dawdle for a while and get some positive emotions.

But be careful MojiHunt becomes one of the most addictive games for FB Messenger. One more attractive and educative chatbot games in the same time is Trivia Blast.

How to play? It’s very simple. You have to choose a topic and you will be asked questions. You have to answer all questions to get your reward.

You can share your results and compete with friends. Don’t forget, there are a lot of topics you can play.

2. News

In my last article, I have described “How can Artificial Intelligence concern News Media?”. Chatbots have a great influence on News Media. New brands have been searching for a new way to attract customers for a long time.

news magazine

Since the early 2000s, brands have experimented with social media platforms and networks to communicate with customers and prospects.

First through weblogs, then eventually through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, where a huge number of people start to spend a lot of time.

And after that chatbots moved in. Famous media brands have launched their chatbots.

More you can see in our R&D. Download our R&D right from FB Messenger.

It’s very perspective. CNN chatbot is one of the most popular chatbots.

The reason? “It’s an opportunity to reach a global audience and connect in a way that’s very personal but also at scale,” said Alex Wellen, chief product officer at CNN. It is used by a billion of people from all over the world.

It is used by a billion of people from all over the world.

Now there is no need to watch unnecessary information, now you can control your content. You can use Facebook Messenger to get CNN news and information in a personalized, private message.

And one more cool and popular news chatbot is theScore. This bot is for people who are interested in sports and want to know the latest sports events. Also, you can follow your favorite teams and leagues.

“We see bots as the next phase of evolution in the way we consume media on mobile devices, allowing our brand to extend its reach and interact with Messenger’s massive user base,” said John Levy, CEO, and founder of theScore.

TheScore brings you real-time sports scores.

3. Health 

Health — is one the most important things in our lives. You can be a successful person but without health, it makes no sense. Today people are very busy and have no time to visit a doctor to check their symptoms.

Health Tap — is a chatbot that you can tell certain symptoms and it will give your doctor’s advice.

For example, you write “I have a sore throat and headache” and it responds you “Sounds like you are coming down with a cold, drink plenty of fluids and rest”.


Of course, when you have a serious disease it will forward you to the local hospital.

Sometimes when you are sick you have to take medicines. People have a bad habit of forgetting to do it. Florence is a healthcare chatbot. It can remind you to take medication, check your symptoms, send you daily health tips, find a doctor for you or tell you more about a disease.

You have to notice that Florence can find you a doctor but it doesn’t give you medical advice. Don’t use it in medical emergencies. Call to the hospital. It is your reminder, but not a doctor.

4. Customer service

Customer service is very significant. Companies always have problems with customer service. In general, clients wait for a response for too long or even don’t get one. This leads to negative reviews and dissatisfied customers.

Of course, I could tell you about incredible customer service of popular brands like Adidas, Nike or Burberry.

These brands really have their chatbots which facilitate customer service. They are very fashionable trademarks that have a huge number of consumers.

German company Tec inStore had problems. They needed many workers to respond to the same questions, that’s why they were losing a lot of their customers.

people in line

Heads of Tec inStore decided to create a chatbot which can respond to typical questions of consumers. If it is necessary a bot can contact person to Call Center.

After one month of usage, chatbot had an 80% success rate, reduced requests to the customer support, more than 1500 people have requested help from the chatbot. Chatbot received more than 10 000 messages from which 1000 were the “Thank You” Messages.

5. Real Estate

When I was writing this article, I paid much attention to real estate. I’ve asked myself a question “Can chatbots concern with real estate?” Real estate is a relationship-oriented industry by nature. Here clients and agents are purchasing home from everywhere.

Chatbots can’t replace that client-agent relationship, but they can replace agents in answering general real estate questions.

Holmes — one of the first chatbots in real estate.
It is developed by Structurely. Holmes uses artificial intelligence to detect buyers’ and sellers’ questions and answer them in real-time in messenger.

Trulia — can help you with finding where you want to live next. Start by typing in a location. You can add the number of beds and baths or a maximum price. You can receive your updated results every morning.


Conclusion: In this article, we have reviewed how chatbots are associated with different industries.

In the world of entertainment, Facebook Messenger chatbot games are very attractive and popular. In the News Industry, we’ve done an extensive research on chatbot usage. Also, it was shown why chatbots should be implemented in this industry. Health. In this section, we demonstrated examples of convenient healthcare chatbots. It will save your time and money. In addition, healthcare chatbot can be your personal “nurse”. Customer Service. Customer’s satisfaction is increasing. Chatbots successfully serve their clients. Chatbots are on the stage of development in Real Estate Industry. In the nearest future, they will be doing a lot of agent’s functions.