Unleash New Profit Potential with our White Label Reseller Program

Extend your service offerings, unlock a new and predictable revenue stream, and witness your return on investment double within just six months.

Immediate Value to Your Clients = New Revenue for Your Business

According to EY, 95% of businesses are planning to transform their business with AI Assistants. Why?


increase in sales is observed in businesses that utilize chatbots.


of businesses state that chatbot usage results in a significant ROI with minimal investments


of companies that use chatbots get more high-quality leads


Improve conversion rates, increase sales, and boost your client's website experience with smart AI assistants.

Partner-first platform for agencies

Fear not — you're not alone in this journey. Dedicated team and prioritized support at all stages — pre-sale, setup, post-sale — comes in package along with the cutting-edge technology.

Pre-sale and post-sale support

Get the 8 years AI knowledge & experience at the palm of your hands with our white label reseller program. Require technical assistance? Have some questions or issues? Need a demo, prototype or other sales materials? Don't worry - we got it covered for you.

  • Training sessions
  • Dedicated Account Manager and support
  • Documentation and guides
  • Access to our chatbot experts
  • Marketing materials: demos, prototypes, one-pagers, case studies, etc.
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Fortune 500 level of expertise

No need to be a well-versed AI expert. Leverage the knowledge of teams that have been building Conversational AI for Virgin Holidays, Adidas, Honda, and others for nearly 8 years now.

Building & Selling Chatbots Made Easy

Debut a GPT-powered chatbot platform under your brand in merely 3 days. Dodge months of research and tens of thousands of dollars of investment in development by becoming a white label chatbot reseller.

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Quick launch

Takes less than a week to launch your white label platform and less than an hour to create a chatbot for your clients.

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Rapid ROI

Set your own price and watch your recurring income surge with every new client, surpassing your investment by two-fold within the first half-year.

From $0 to $10.000 In Monthly Recurring Revenue: Pluggi White-Label Case Study

“Having a strong tech partner who is a very flexible expert in ChatGPT and custom chatbots helped to quickly engage with the new clients and make changes to the product offering based on customer feedback. Collaborating with BotsCrew was crucial to getting us where we are now. It's been nothing but great working with you.”

Wyatt Hahn

Wyatt Hahn

Founder & CEO, Pluggi

Tech without sweat

Building GPT-powered chatbots has never been easier. Create, train, and customize chatbots for your clients on your own in a matter of minutes.

Powered by innovation

Our white label chatbot platform uses the freshest technologies, which include Generative AI & GPT-4.

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Full customization

Craving personalized features? We're set to rev up your platform with bespoke functionalities tailored to your client's needs. With our agile development team at the helm, we ensure a seamless development process, making sure your platform and chatbots sync perfectly with your and your client's requirements.

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Constant product updates

We constantly monitor the market, customer needs and technology landscape to make sure our product is using leading technologies. Every new feature or update that we roll out, we delivered to you.

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“When I found BotsCrew it seemed like it had everything - all in one package. It had that customization capabilities that we really needed to make this thing our own. I truly feel, althought this is white label reselling service,BotsCrew have helped me to build something that is unique to me, that is unique to my industries , that is our software just as much as it is BotsCrew's.”

Owner of full-service digital marketing agency

Owner of full-service digital marketing agency

Cleveland, OH

Powerful Technology Under Your Brand

Elevate your brand and expand your offerings seamlessly. Our white-label chatbot reseller program empowers your business to deliver cutting-edge chatbot technology under your own brand.

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Your logo, your brand, your domain

We tailor our platform to align with your brand, incorporating your logos, colors, and domain. No mention of BotsCrew.

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Your pricing

Set your own prices. Retain all earnings with zero commissions.

Why gamble on an unsure venture? Join BotsCrew's Reseller Program to assess buying intent and get first clients on board during your pilot period — with zero prior commitment or investment.

Measure Demand Before Investing

  1. Claim your free trial
  2. Create the first prototype — with or without our help
  3. Pitch it to potential clients
  4. Land the first 'yes'
  5. Establish a formal white-label partnership
  6. Create a buzz about your new venture to bring in new clients

Have Questions?
We've Got Answers

No, there will be no mention of BotsCrew on the white label platform. 
Yes, you can set up any pricing for your clients. BotsCrew will have no visibility of this information.
We have a team of experienced developers who can tweak your platform to match your needs better. This could include some custom features, integrations, or any other customizations you or your clients may require.
There are two options available - you can build chatbots yourself, or we can assist you with the chatbot creation.

Ready to Amplify Your Earnings?

Our team is here to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have. Whether you're looking to boost your earnings or offer innovative solutions to your clients, we're just a message away. Reach out to us now, and let's embark on this journey together!

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