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Chatbots as we know + GPT =

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How GPT helps build human-like conversations?
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Don't compromise between the speed of the response and personalized human touch - with GPT under the hood, chatbots can maintain human-like conversations at scale. Using GPT, we can faster & better train chatbots to match the specific tone of voice and personality.
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Does it help to enhance the quality of query understanding?
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Trained on 10x bigger data sets, GPT technology helps chatbots to summarize large amounts of text, extract context and conversation sentiment, recognize more named entities, and thus — increase the quality of responses.
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How about processing large amounts of data?
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Bring structure to a large amount of unstructured data — by incorporating knowledge graph data into GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, the model can access a wealth of background information and context, allowing it to generate text with a greater depth of understanding and context.
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Does GPT help to accelerate development time?
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Yes! It doesn’t require as much time and effort from the development team as it used to with older language models.
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Our Approach to GPT-powered chatbots

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Making sure it’s a fit

With over 7 years of experience in creating custom AI chatbots, we have worked with various technologies and AI models, such as Dialog Flow, LUIS,, and now a viral GPT-4.

During the investigation process, we ensure that the chosen technology is the best fit for you in terms of price, time, industry, security, and relevance.

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Tailoring the technology to your needs

We create custom solutions that can combine different technologies to better tailor the chatbot to a specific use case. For example, we can build the chatbot with Dialogflow and add GPT only to certain parts of the conversation flow.

We can add GPT as a fallback option for moments when your main AI model (DialogFlow, LUIS, etc.) didn’t catch the user request.

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Giving you the control

Generative AI-based chatbots can generate plausible-sounding, yet incorrect answers, as they are trained using text databases from the Internet. To overcome this issue, we can create a controllable environment where:

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Ensuring the security

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to security. That's why we don't declare one option to be better than the other; instead, we guide you and help you find the best security measures that meet your needs. It can include on-premise deployment, Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, anonymization of data, or conversational design that does not involve sharing sensitive information.

Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service offers enterprise security and compliance controls associated with other Microsoft products. Azure OpenAI Service empowers developers to build cutting-edge AI applications through direct access to OpenAI models backed by Azure’s trusted, enterprise-grade capabilities and AI-optimized infrastructure and tools.

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