Grow revenue through
outstanding customer service

Deliver instant, personalized support to your customers at scale.

Set the highest bar for your competition

patient education

Deliver better customer experience at scale

Provide a personalized experience for your audience across the world.Talk to your customers in their language and outsource less multilingual support.

Personalize and cut costs.


Increase LTV through personalized pre-sale

The internet is a universe with limitless choices. And it's always tough to make the right one.

Drive your customers to better decisions and your company to higher profits through a customized pre-sale experience.


One chatbot.
Multiple channels.

You can provide customer service across multiple channels, but handle all queries in a single inbox on our platform.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Website?
We'll make it a single, never-ending conversation.

Replicate successful chatbots

Seamless handover

Instantly switch from automated flow to Live Chat. Provide the context to your agents, and smooth experience to your customers.

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We got everything covered


Data Transition

You can easily move from an old solution you’re no longer happy with.


You’re not tied to a vendor

You and your client have a simple UI to make instant changes, train the chatbot and access in-depth analytics.


Integration with software ecosystem

We can connect your bot with any software you use. It can be a custom software or even our competitor.

The freedom is yours.


Dedicated Account Manager

At every step of chatbot journey you’ll have your dedicated account manager.


Discovery phase

We analyze your business, goals, challenges and needs to help you understand if the chatbot is your best solution.


Success oriented

Our main priority is your success. We set clear KPIs, milestones and requirements to make sure we achieve your goals.

“BotsCrew was an incredible partner from inception to launch. The team was proactive, well-organized, and flexible. It’s clear that they are deeply committed to achieving successful outcomes for their customers and go the extra mile to exceed expectations. We’re delighted to have found such a dedicated partner and would recommend them to anyone looking for voice assistant experts.”

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Jacklyn Trejo
Product Manager, Samsung NEXT

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