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We empower people to grow their companies through better customer communication.
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Our main focus is — people: our customers, their customers, and our employees.

We think that all people deserve to have exciting jobs without routine. Jobs that will be filled with creative, smart, and challenging tasks.

We think that all people deserve amazing customer experience that will make them feel valued.

And we have a solution that we think can actually help people to achieve both of those things.

How it all started

It all started when three developers from Lviv met

Max, Nazar, and Oleh met pretty early in their life — during their time at the University. All three of them had one similar quality — they dreamt big. This quality led them to a series of life-changing events — hackathons.

At their first hackathon, guys created their first chatbot.
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They fell in love with the idea of chatbots

So simple, but yet so elegant. Max, Nazar, and Oleh started visiting more hackathons, and in one of them, they met their first client — the Italian traveling startup Musement.

This chatbot and the money earned from it made them understand that this is what they want to do.
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co-founders photo

So they all quit their jobs and went to Bali, Indonesia

This is where BotsCrew started — on the beautiful island of Bali in 2016.

Since then, BotsCrew has grown from 3 people to a team of 50 talented visionaries driven by shared goals and aspirations to bring value and create something amazing.
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Our culture code


Get (the Right) things done

We focus on the right things in an efficient way


Focus on customer

We provide amazing customer experience that will make people feel valued


Bring success

We commit maniacally to customer success


Deliver WOW!

We overdeliver to bring positive emotions


Work in team

We believe in power of teams


Enjoy the process

We recognize that life is short, and we live it!

Our grateful clients

Since 2016 we have met and collaborated with huge Enterprises and promising startups from all over the globe.

“The collaboration was a success. BotsCrew was very proactive, communicative, and responsive in delivering top-notch services. Moreover, they met all deadlines and were quick to resolve any issues or concerns.”

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Anna Sharp

“It was great to work with the BotsCrew team. They brought a lot of expertise to our project, and will surely work with them in the future.”

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Stephan Venter

”They’re solution-oriented. When faced with a challenge, they see it as something to overcome instead of a roadblock. Coming up with different ways to address the issue, they’re very constructive.”

Jacklyn Trejo portrait
Barney Evison

“BotsCrew was an incredible partner from inception to launch. The team was proactive, well-organized, and flexible. They are deeply committed to achieving successful outcomes for their customers.”

Jacklyn Trejo portrait
Jacklyn Trejo

BotsCrew is very agile and responsive and has a good understanding of marketing chatbots. They’re quite knowledgeable about this kind of product and its use cases.”

Jacklyn Trejo portrait
Gaelle Haag

You'll be in safe hands with BotsCrew. The team has an excellent client understanding and creates value by looking for ways to meet and improve on the project’s intent.”

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Adrian Cartland

“BotsCrew displayed the utmost professionalism, providing updates whenever required, and mitigating time-zone dependent scheduling issues. Customers can expect comprehensive support, even post-delivery”

Jacklyn Trejo portrait
Joe Goldberg

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