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Your success is our goal. To deliver the best value and highest ROI we support and guide you through every step of chatbot development - from idea to post-launch support.

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At every stage of the chatbot journey, our team of Business Analysts, Customer Success Managers, Conversational Designers, Chatbot Developers, QAs will lead you to the best matching solution for your company.

Our success cases


Virgin Holidays

"Best audience engagement" award won for the campaign featuring the Cali bot
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GSM Server

73% of all support inquiries automated in the first 6 months
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AI-powered legal chatbot that was covered by the biggest Australian news media
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Natera Inc.

Genetic testing chatbot with over 65% success rate
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WhatsApp chatbot

50% of automated customer requests in 7 languages
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Don’t worry about your chatbot. We got everything covered.

  • 01 Dedicated development and customer success team
  • 02 Discovery phase to set clear roadmaps, KPIs, time and cost estimates
  • 03 Chatbot Platform with a simple UI to make instant changes on the go
  • 04 Service Level Agreement (SLA), white-labeling, NDA, HIPAA, GDPR compliance
  • 05 Powered by GPT-4, complex AI and NLP engines to create truly smart chatbots
  • 06 Unlimited 3-d party integrations, AI complexity, and customizations

Why our customers love us

“BotsCrew was an incredible partner from inception to launch. The team was proactive, well-organized, and flexible. It’s clear that they are deeply committed to achieving successful outcomes for their customers and go the extra mile to exceed expectations. We’re delighted to have found such a dedicated partner and would recommend them to anyone looking for voice assistant experts.”
solution author
Jacklyn Trejo
Product Manager, Samsung NEXT
logo 'samsung'
“Our team and the consultant we worked with identified BotsCrew to be the most agile team that could deliver a quality product in about eight months. We have three major KPIs, and those are to make sure people can find events in Chicago, to help them find information about our tours and attractions, and to help them find restaurants in the city. We’ve performed well across those KPIs right off the bat.
solution author
Jason Lesniewicz
Director of Cultural Tourism, Choose Chicago
logo 'chicago'
“The whole process has been great. They’ve been really good with communication, keeping us up-to-date, and running the project on time. We’re really happy with the final product, the platform, the product’s ease of use, and our ability to tweak it.”
solution author
Melissa M.
Senior Manager at Natera
logo 'natera'
“The project had a short time frame and was delivered on time. We’ve since been able to demonstrate our solution’s unique capabilities for our market segment. This has reinforced our position as technology leader and innovator. All our interactions with BotsCrew were very professional. They were helpful and responsive and continued to assist us in setting up our environment post-delivery, even though it was outside the scope of the engagement.”
solution author
Joe Goldberg
Innovation Evangelist at BMC Sofware Inc.
logo 'bmc'
“They’re working well and the quality is good. They don’t only do what you tell them but they also think about what you need and make suggestions. I like that they’re proactive. I especially appreciate their flexibility and the way they get the work done.
solution author
Phillip Müller
Head of Support & Services, LIQUIDTOOL
logo 'liquidtool'
“BotsCrew is very agile and responsive and has a good understanding of marketing chatbots. They’re quite knowledgeable about this kind of product and its use cases. Additionally, they were inquisitive about our business purpose, our KPIs, and what success meant to us, and always referred back to that when making suggestions on how we should build the product and its subsequent releases. I found that to be very useful.”
solution author
Gaelle Haag
CEO, StarTalers
logo 'startalers'

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