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Botscrew’s AI chatbots provide brilliant solutions to be a step ahead in the healthcare market

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Merck, Amazon and Luminary Labs actively invest in health bots since February 2017.


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The healthcare industry has evolved to the stage where it has become quite bureaucratic. Patients wait in lines and then wait for the doctor to be in. Healthcare chatbots ensure their users won’t waste their time in lines, they just place a request, and the doctor notifies when he’s ready to see the patients.


Excellent Information

Information has to travel a few levels until the recipient gets it. Healthcare bots ensure rapid information exchange whether you’re a doctor, who’s trying to get a patient’s medical card or a nurse, who has to handle an emergency. Also, patients, doctors, and nurses can engage in direct chat or by call via chatbot.

Caring Remote

Many people can’t reach hospitals due to specific illness conditions. In this case, a chatbot can act as a nurse. It will check on how patients feel today, send reminders to get pills, also it may call an ambulance in case of an emergency (for example, when the patient doesn’t respond for a certain period of time).


Precise remote

It often happens that people might not have time nor the possibility to visit a GP. Instead of getting inaccurate information on the internet, a chatbot will provide trustworthy diagnoses and suggestions for the next steps to take.

Customer Loyalty
And Growth

Conversation chatbots provide a customer support feature and help receive customers’ feedback, thus showing patients your appreciation. It goes without saying that chatbots are a great lead capture tool.


How we do it


Creating a prominent
healthtec idea

We position ourselves as a company of thinkers, not makers. Before chatbot development, we partner up with our clients and conduct a deep investigation to get a vision of how we can bring something innovative and outstanding to the market.


& developing

Our developers always strive for perfection. We are in constant search for how we can improve technologies to bring cutting-edge products for your success.



Our team cares about clients. That is why we provide maintenance for your chatbot to make sure the product is up to date and keeps its position as cutting-edge technology.

How we did it before

Make the world healthier with our bots.

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