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From $0 to $10.000 In MRR: Pluggi White-Label Chatbot

The AI Budtender goes one step further by recommending products and offers tailored to each individual user’s needs and preferences, creating a personalized shopping experience. Dispensary owners can now save time and advertise smarter with product recommendations that increase engagement and traction with customers. Explore our white-label case study and its key results.

Maria Prokhorenko
Maria Prokhorenko
Feb. 9, 2024. Updated Jun. 10, 2024

About The Customer

Wyatt Hahn, Cannabis, California SaaS and eCommerce Startup Founder, and Marketing Leader with 7+ years of experience is currently working on growing Pluggi, a Personal AI Budtender.

Our customer was looking for a chatbot developer with a ready-to-use AI Conversational Chatbot Platform. The purpose was to test the idea of creating the AI Budtender & Product Recommendation chatbots for multiple e-stores fast and under a limited budget.


Dispensaries' websites (each chatbot is connected to a different dispensary)


White-Label,White-Labe Chatbot, eCommerce, Startup

Use case

White-Label Reseller, Lead Generation


California, USA

The Context

Cannabis dispensaries are always looking for ways to increase eCommerce sales, and one way to do that is by using an AI-powered chatbot for lead generation

In 2022, Pluggi needed to rapidly build an eCommerce tool for cannabis dispensaries that was both cost-effective for a startup, and also scalable as they grew rapidly since Pluggi had already pre-sold some customers before launch.

Wyatt Hahn saw the potential for chatbots to disrupt the existing eCommerce market, and decided to design a white-label chatbot solution that can be used by various companies under their brand name.

The customer already had a vision for the chatbot and he needed a vendor to quickly get up to speed with development and deliver a solution. The purpose was to test the idea of creating the AI Budtender & Product Recommendation chatbots for multiple e-stores fast and with a limited budget. 


Since 2022, Wyatt Hahn has been working with BotsCrew on creating its white-label chatbot, which enables Pluggi to sell products and retain customer ownership. We started with the Discovery phase (tech investigation into required integrations and bot mockups) and then, built and launched the pilot version for the first actual client in 6 weeks, under a $10k investment.

An intuitive AI engine helps companies understand customer preferences 

better and suggest products accordingly. By targeting the right audience with the right products at the ideal time, dispensaries are primed to see increased eCommerce sales in no time.

Key Features

To meet our customer's goals, we designed features including:   

#1. Short & convenient product selection via 3 questions. Users can set the required effect, taste, and other parameters and get products dispensed in a matter of seconds — with just three questions.

User Flow via 3 Simple Questions

#2. Additional questions that can be answered with the detailed answers from ChatGPT-4. Not just replies on the product selection and delivery conditions — customers can ask anything they want and get a response that encourages them to chat and interact with the chatbot.

#3. Live chat. We've provided our client with a smooth transition from the chatbot to live chat in order to provide a high-quality customer support experience and build better relationships with customers. In addition, live chat adds a personal layer to communication.

#4. Multilingual capabilities. Pluggi speaks over 50 languages!

#5. Integration with popular eCommerce systems. Popular eCommerce systems in the cannabis industry like Dutchie, Treez, and iheartjane enable exclusively relevant and updated information on products available for sale.

#6. Google Analytics Integration. Business strategy and various campaigns should be based on solid first-party data, not guesswork. With our setup, the customer can connect his Google Analytics to effectively track the bot's performance on his side.

Additional value for our client is:

✅ Scalability. As the solution is built on the BotsCrew's Conversational AI Platform, it empowers Pluggi with bot scalability — they can now launch new custom bots on dispensaries' websites in 2 working days.

✅ Autonomy. BotsCrew's Conversational AI Platform allows the Pluggi team to manage most of the bot content, visuals, and settings without coding skills. BotsCrew still covers the most technical part — integrations and complex customizations.

✅ Custom widgets for each individual dispensary. Since each dispensary is unique in its way, we make everything completely customizable to fit the dispensary's experience and menu.

✅ Different chatbots for various locations. Different regions can surely have different law bases and assortment available. We customized chatbots for each location keeping in mind key differences that can be important for potential buyers.

With such an expansive and profitable landscape, businesses utilizing technologies like Pluggi can help reach new consumers, create unique marketing opportunities, and provide customers with a more personalized shopping experience.

Do you see an opportunity in the growing demand for chatbots? We have the perfect BotsCrew's Conversational AI Platform and top-notch experts to help you deliver it. 

Some of Our “Aha” Moments & Future Plans

We launched over 100 white-label chatbots for different dispensaries since March 2022, and we still are adding new customization capabilities. BotsCrew has enabled the client to grow from having $0 revenue in March 2022 to recording more than $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue as of now.

Using AI Budtender, great dispensaries see an incredible: 

  • 23,600+ users total on all bots
  • $3,000+ AVG Sales influenced per dispensary/month
  • 28% Increase in Average Cart Value
  • 15% Decrease in Cart Abandonment
  • 15.6x Average ROI
  • Simple, Scalable, Affordable Pricing.

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Why Businesses Choose BotsCrew

BotsCrew is more than a service provider — we're a partner committed to making businesses successful.

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