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The Natera success story

Marie Avandegraund
Marie Avandegraund
Nov. 4, 2022. Updated Dec. 9, 2022

Finding a chatbot vendor is a challenge.

But if you do find the right one, it can become a collaboration for a lifetime (or at least for five strategic years). 

Natera is a global leader in cell-free DNA (cfDNA) testing that has been offering genetic testing for more than ten years.  In 2019, they contacted us to help them address their patient growth by providing high-quality genetic information to more patients in a scalable way.

Thus, BotsCrew developed a healthcare chatbot that assists the company in delivering genetic education and helps patients get reliable information faster and more conveniently. Also, the chatbot sends detailed explanations of test results and a patient can book a meeting with a genetic counselor.

Today, NEVA is three different chatbots that educates patients about three different genetic tests and explains the results.

  • Empower, a genetic test for those who want to know more about their risk of developing cancer;
  • Horizon, a genetic carrier screening helps couples determine the risk of passing on serious genetic conditions to their child;
  • Panorama, a blood-based genetic, prenatal screening test of the pregnant person that screens for common chromosomal conditions that affect a baby’s health.

But after the successful chatbot launch, our collaboration with Natera didn’t come to an end. Actually, it was only the beginning... 

We have started working together in February 2019, and today, our nine employees work full-time on the NEVA project developing new features and changing the genetic testing industry.

Meet BotsCrew NEVA team


New products developed


Product releases during the time of collaboration


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How is our work organized?

BotsCrew NEVA team use Confluence to store PRD (Product requirements documentation) and PSDs (Product Specification documents) on specific functionalities. Additionally, developers use tools like Postman and Swagger for developing and testing features.


After each chatbot release, Botscrew NEVA and Natera NEVA teams have a retrospective meeting.

Retrospectives are used frequently to give teams the opportunity to pause and reflect on how things have been going and then, based on those reflections, identify the improvements they want to make. Usually, answer five specific questions:

What went well?

What didn’t go so well?

What have we learned?

What still stopps us?

What do we need to work on?

Chatbot functionality creation workflow

Important Terminology 

What is a user story?

User stories are one-sentence descriptions of a feature told from the perspective of the person who will use the new feature, usually a user or customer of the system. Here’s a simple template: As a < type of user >, I want < some goal > so that < some reason >.

What is a functionality flow?

Functionality flow enables you to illustrate how a specific feature will work to provide you with the desired outcome.

What are tickets?

Tickets are commonly used in product management to prioritize specific tasks during sprints. A sprint is a short, time-boxed period when a scrum team completes a set amount of work.  

What is a chatbot script?

A chatbot script is an original document that outlines conversational message sequences based on user intention and selections.


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What is code review?

Code review is a software quality assurance activity in which one or several people check a program mainly by viewing and reading parts of its source code. They do so after implementation or as an interruption of implementation.

BotsCrew NEVA Team about working with Natera