Our response to

We are blessed to say that we were not affected by COVID as much as many other companies and people worldwide. Our full support from every team member lies with those having hard times or experiencing significant losses.
As time goes on, we stay fully committed to doing our best and helping businesses to support good causes. That's what we've been doing for 4+ years and will continue doing with even bigger passion.
Our working process
Our team is now working remotely. We believe it is a small but necessary step to combat the pandemic and recover faster as a nation and population in general.
As you may think, we're young and innovative. So since the switch to remote work, we see an increase in productivity from our team. Of course, it is a switch that means fewer social connections and human interactions. And we cannot know the long-term impact of this. However, now we're fully prepared and ready to deliver results fast.
Our working capacity
With many industries experiencing massive layoffs, the automation space keeps growing. As does our team. We're hiring outstanding and experienced people to build great solutions faster for those who are in critical need of automation as a way to help, support, and inform their customers.
As our team is growing, we're prepared for long-term and impactful projects and excited about the next opportunity the world brings us.
Our pricing policy
We understand that every dollar of investment counts. It is especially true during the pandemic, as every company wants to minimize risks. There is no approval without a clear ROI.
We are committed to building working solutions with minimum risks and a low level of initial investment, as we've always been. We offer businesses a discovery phase. It means BotsCrew will analyze your business needs and suggest a low-investment solution viable to validate and prove the concept of the bot. Showing early traction and results is the best way to decide if the investment was right, and if the company is ready to invest more.
Our support of the community
Today Lviv is one of the most infected by COVID-19 regions of Ukraine. We hope soon the numbers will decrease, but people have to be very careful with their well-being. Thus, together with the Lviv IT Cluster, we launched a chatbot ¬ęTemperaturka¬Ľ for health monitoring.
Temperaturka allows people to control the dynamics of their health condition and temperature. In particular, the bot sends an automatic daily reminder for the user to update their indicators and share information about themselves.
We're now in the process of developing even more great initiatives both locally and globally. 2020 is a hard year for all of us. But we're inspired by how people and organizations respond to the challenges. And we're proud to be an active part of this response.

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