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Vendor Change Saves Women First Digital 52% Annually

Meet Ally,  the AI-chatbot that broadens reproductive health awareness globally

Marie Avandegraund
Marie Avandegraund
Mar. 15, 2023. Updated Mar. 27, 2024


Website, WhatsApp, Facebook


Civic and Social Organization


English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Swahili

Use case

Raising awareness, Non-profit, Chatbot migration

Women First Digital (WFD) is on a mission to empower women with access to reproductive health services that are safe, reliable and individually tailored. Its 3 major initiatives —,, and — exist to reduce the rate of unsafe abortions and broaden contraceptive awareness.

When the organization first contacted us, they already had a chatbot, Ally, in place for one of its projects —

However, WFD weren’t fully satisfied with their current solution:

  • Platform License was too costly
  • Support was not responsive and took long time to resolve issues
  • The chatbot was rigid and buggy
  • Limited flexibility for custom features
  • Limited analytics

So WFD was looking for a vendor capable of replicating Ally Bot logic, eliminating the existing discrepancies in Ally’s multilingual copies, and adding more advanced analytics functionality — all within less than a month.

The re-born Ally Bot:

  • Informs women about safe abortion methods, symptoms after the termination
  • Helps find the abortion pill based on their location
  • Helps calculate the probability of impregnation based on the information provided by a woman
  • Can connect with the qualified counselor in case a specialized help is needed
  • Provides accurate resources (helplines, ect) based on the women’s location

Additionally, we set up advanced Google Data Studio Analytics that captures information about how women interact with the chatbot based on their geography and language. It helps understand which communication platforms are most in use and what information about abortion is being requested in different locations for the organization to be able to direct its major efforts accordingly.

Ally Bot has been officially presented at the International Conference on Family Planning Programming, 2022 — WFD Team was proud to share the official video introduction of its capabilities and what impact the chat has had globally.

Feedback from the client: "I don't come from a tech background; however, they made it very easy for me to follow the process."

Watch the Ally presentation