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Voice Assistant Development

As a team of experienced AI professionals, BotsCrew offers its clients innovative voice assistant skills development to help them achieve better business outcomes.

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Our vision is that customers will be able to access Alexa whenever and wherever they want. That means customers may be able to talk to their cars, refrigerators, thermostats, lamps and all kinds of devices in and outside their homes.

Steve Rabuchin, VP of Amazon Alexa

Voice-enabled Chatbots or voice assistants are like your personal helpers that live in your smartphone, tablet, computer or in some kind of internet-connected device. These assistants have become popular in recent years and today they are pre-installed on most new devices.


We deliver

Great organizational and collaboration tool

Voice-enabled Chatbots are great organizational and collaboration tools that can effortlessly schedule and manage work-related activities and keep everyone updated by sending them voice reminders and notifications.


Access necessary information easily

Based on a huge database and remarkable natural language recognition abilities voice-enabled Chatbots can provide your employees with guidelines, tips or any other relevant information without distracting them from a working process.

Time saving

Voice assistants are real time-savers. Less typing - more time working on more important work aspects. Voice-enabled Chatbots take up mundane and repetitive tasks giving you time to work on something more valuable.


Be a step ahead of the competition

Implementing new technologies like voice-assistants into your business can be a great PR strategy that can differentiate you from others and set you in a leading position

How Do They Work?

A voice assistant starts working whenever you mention a keyword. This for example, can be a greeting like: “OK Google”. Once you have used a keyword, you can start asking it or give some commands.

The voice-enabled Chatbots uses NLP (natural language processing) to understand what you have said and after that, they can answer your question or perform your command.

Our customers


Why BotsCrew


Innovative vision and deep technology knowledge

BotsCrew loves innovations and offers services that meet the needs of clients by following the latest tech trends on the market. By combining the expertise of our clients and our experience in voice-assistants skill building we can well think out a concept of the product.


A full cycle of skill development process

The process of developing skills for voice-assistants starts with creating the required accounts. From there we can decide which type of skill (Alexa) or action (Google Home) our voice-assistant department is going to develop. After that, BotsCrew customizes NLP models and adds intents and sample utterances. The next stage is testing for quality. Our Q&A department exerts a lot of attention and thoughts in the testing stage to find all possible bugs to ensure the final version of the skill will be spotless. After testing, BotsCrew fixes and customizes our skill or action, implements improvements and makes sure that everything is working perfectly. Finally, the product is ready to be released.


Making our customers leaders on the market

BotsCrew is passionate about the latest technologies and strives to create unique solutions and develop top-notch voice-enabled Chatbots that set our customers in leading positions within their targeted markets.

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