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BotsCrew is the team of innovators and chatbot enthusiasts that offers leading-edge IoT Chatbot Development services to give your company a unique competitive advantage.

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The analyst firm, Gartner states that by 2020 there will be over 26 billion connected devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of internet-connected devices, vehicles, home appliances, and other items which are able to collect and exchange data using embedded software, sensors or network.

With the products of today, chatbots create an exclusive, simple to use interface for users to interact with. Just like you chat with your friends you can communicate with your devices and appliances, and they can respond to you.

With IoT chatbots you can connect hundreds of appliances, machinery, devices and other things to a chat app, which makes managing them dozen times more convenient.

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Monitor performance of your IoT device through a chatbot

With an IoT chatbot, you can gather application insights and analytics of your connected device. This gives you the ability to monitor performance, get alerts and notifications if something breaks and quickly see if there is any issue that needs to be fixed. Essentially, a chatbot for IoT device provides you with an easily accessible dashboard to help you check on the state of your devices and easily find and fix problems.



IoT enables self-services which increases customer satisfaction giving you the ability to save costs and time on support.

Replace tons of apps with a one chatbot

Organize your devices and eliminate the need to download an plethora of different memory draining apps, because you can easily access information from your IoT devices through chat with a bot.

Improve employee productivity

This includes better possibilities for working remotely. The cloud-based technology and portable devices gives your employees the ability to work from any location and at any time, as well as, the automatization of routine frees up time to be better left to more valuable tasks.


Monitoring your business process

Get the real-time data and feedback that gives you the ability to track where things are, how they are being used and how often and identify problems before they occur.

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Why BotsCrew


Build top-notch IoT solutions

We have a plethora of AI experts who specialize particularly in the sphere of IoT chatbot development and strive to create a unique and valuable product.


More than just a chatbot provider

We truly believe in our customers’ vision, that is why during chatbot development we build a reliable and sincere partnering relationship for achieving the best possible outcome.


Developing custom skills and functionalities

Here at BotsCrew, we start the development process with gaining an understanding of what overall issues this product will resolve.For instance, if it is a simple turning on/off action, then we can use a wifi module and relay. If it is a more complex system with many sensors, BotsCrew will have to create central control unit. For this purpose, we use microcomputers (raspberry pi, arduino uno, etc.).

Also, BotsCrew can design for you custom functionalities that will enable you to connect to Alexa or Google home. Amazon and Google are constantly developing and simplifying these abilities both for developers and users.

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