Why Is It Essential To Build A Good CUI?

Websites and apps can talk TO a user, but a chatbot can speak WITH a user. That’s why the single most important aspect of chatbot development is how the bot interacts with users.

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First of all, let’s talk about what is CUI?

CUI  (Conversational User Interface) is a bridge between your product and its users. It is a crucial factor in helping a business communicate with its clients.

By opting to a conversation, a business may casually offer their services and products as well as promote new products, collect feedback, and chat with users in the most natural way with the convenience to the user. A chatbot can be a friend to clients providing them with assistance and helpful advice need. It can be as different as you wish – serious and formal, witty and adventurous or careful and professional. It’s up to you to choose your chatbot personality.

Could you imagine how your product would be portrayed as? Would it be male or female? Is it young or a perhaps a bit older? You can give it certain character traits, emotions, the unique features that will set your product apart from the rest.

Thanks to Conversational UI, your clients may communicate with your business in a simple and natural way leading to the ultimate customer experience.

So, why is it essential to build a good CUI?

How do people interact with the outside world? Let’s say that every object has an interface. We can easily ask how to use a pen, door or book just by looking at it. We don’t have to memorize complicated usage instructions. If we had previous interactions with a similar item, we would know how to use it. But what happens when we come across an incomprehensible, complex interface? We get lost, scratch our heads and not know where to click, which buttons to press and where to search for required information. A chatbot simplifies the user’s experience by guiding users. That’s why it is incredibly important to build a naturally understandable and easy to navigate CUI for a chatbot.

Often people feel frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to using a completely new technology. Exploring the unknown interface becomes stressful for users that are used to older interfaces and don’t quite understand how to interact with newer technology.

An optimal CUI will guide users through the unfamiliar for their interface to help them effortlessly get to a desired outcome with the product or service. Using the right CUI, a business can lead its customers to actions they need to take to achieve their goal, provide them with assistance and maybe even keep communicating with the person for future marketing campaigns.

At BotsCrew, we start developing a chatbot by figuring out and designing its functionality. We build a conversation structure, basic and more complex functions and think through all the possible ways for how a conversation can develop.

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However, a properly constructed functionality is only the first step in chatbot development. The next thing that needs to be done is to give a chatbot its own distinguishing personality, unique traits, and vocabulary that would feel personalized and human-like to make users want to return to chat again and again.

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Why is the chat interface a win for the user?

Here are our thoughts on that:

– The usual chat interface. Every day, people interact with dozens of people using different messaging platforms. Users already know this interface and they don’t need to learn everything from scratch.

No need to download apps – users add chatbot to their messenger the same as they would add their friend. No need to go through a registration process and bog down phones with unnecessary applications.

– People tend to trust more advice from someone they know. Chatbots create simple conversations that break that distance between a business and a customer. While chatting with a bot, users feel safe and like they are talking to a reliable friend.

– With Facebook UI Elements, we can add anything to a chatbot to make it even more user-friendly.

Guide to Chatbots