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CUI and UX Design

Good conversational UX is seamless.

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Simply put, CUI (Conversational User Interface) is a communication with technology by way of text or voice conversation.

CUI enables users to interact with machines in an understandable human language. This greatly simplifies the communications between a chatbot and your customer. CUI makes a chatbot more accessible and friendly for an average user.


It has the potential to personalize every interaction between a person and a technology and to offer the most relevant information. The benefits of creating a high quality CUI is that it greatly simplifies communication between a chatbot and a user and makes it feel more personal and eventually leads to better customer engagement.

Conversational UX is the way a user experiences communication with a business or a service through an automated conversational interface that learns along the way.

How we do it


Speed and

BotsCrew team of conversational designers focuses on speed and simplicity to create a UX design that provides easy navigation enhanced usability and clear communication to give your users immediate results with minimal effort.


Chatbot's persona

A chatbot’s persona takes on a general impression of your product. BotsCrew aims to make a bot’s persona relevant to the industry that it is made for, so the users would have the feeling they are talking to an expert in the field. BotsCrew strives to make a сhatbot’s persona clear, simple and entertaining.


Creating relevant botsflow

BotsCrew designs a naturally understandable botsflow to make communication between a chatbot and a user run smoothly and seamlessly. When creating the right botsflow our UX designers make sure that all buttons and replies are placed at the right point of conversation, so the interaction with a bot would be intuitive and logical for every user.

How we did it before

Chatbot Development - Add-ons Services

BotsCrew offers to startups and enterprises the world-class CUI & UX Design, Chatbot Analytics, Admin panels, Integrations, and Post-Release Chatbot Training and Maintenance services.

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