Admin Panel For Your Chatbot

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BotsCrew develops its chatbots considering all of the client’s wishes in mind offering great flexibility and customization of its products.

To give you full control of your chatbot and ability to customize your bot as you wish, BotsCrew offers Admin panel development services. This puts you in charge of your chatbot.


The admin panel is a unique tool which enables you to improve the chatbot flow for better business outcomes. Creating an admin panel puts you in command of your chatbot and gives you full flexibility and ability to customize the bot to your preferences.

An admin panel enables you to:


Change chatbot responses and flow


Gather relevant information

(metrics, messaging history, orders history).


Access users’ data and chat history


Be in control of your broadcasting

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BotsCrew offers to startups and enterprises the world-class CUI & UX Design, Chatbot Analytics, Admin panels, Integrations, and Post-Release Chatbot Training and Maintenance services.

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