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Virtual Assistant for Canadian Immigration Legal Advisors

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It is the first comprehensive chatbot which helps people go abroad to Canada for work, study, travel, and immigration reasons






Dialog Flow, NLP, Java, MySQL, Spring


EXEO is a law firm located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It provides top-notch immigration services with professional excellence

The EXEO team holds strong personalities with great experience who are providing the best services out there and are leading their company to the #1 position on the market. IVA bot is an Immigration Virtual Assistant created for EXEO by BotsCrew. It is the first comprehensive chatbot which helps people go abroad to Canada for work, study, travel, and immigration reasons.



EXEO has a great experience dealing with legal issues concerning business immigration. They were looking for a way to optimize the process of the first 15 minutes of a conversation with a lawyer. For a legal adviser short on time, it is highly time consuming when people call and ask a great deal of questions about which immigration programs they would be able to apply for. EXEO wanted to replicate the first 15 minutes of these conversations to save time.


To do so, EXEO decided to hire experts in the chatbot development area. The idea was that a chatbot should answer FAQs and provide all the necessary information covering the immigration process. These are the typical basis for the first 15 minutes of a conversation with a lawyer. By eliminating this part of the legal consultation, we allow lawyers to maximize their time to carry out other important tasks on their schedule.

BotsCrew shed light on how EXEO could obtain a superior performing chatbot than their competitors in the United States. During the meetings with EXEO, many different possibilities of the chatbot were talked through. BotsCrew made enhancement suggestions for the bot based on our technical experience. That’s why EXEO have chosen BotsCrew for this project.



During the whole chatbot development process, BotsCrew was giving advice and professional recommendations to EXEO based on our rich AI chatbot building experience to make IVA chatbot as great as possible. The BotsCrew team was focused on creating a bot that would meet all the client's requirements, while at the same time would benefit from BotsCrew’s knowledge of the newest chatbot market trends.

The BotsCrew team developed for EXEO a chatbot with great NLP abilities and a smooth UX design.

EXEO provided BotsCrew with all the required content and we helped them with the presentation of the content and designing user experience. Our UX designer’s target was to make the chatbot flow as simple and understandable as possible.

Training and testing NLP and the chatbot flow were important steps in IVA creation. Our Q&A team aimed to make the chatbot flawless to give to our clients a nice and clean product.

BotsCrew AI chatbot developers implemented a handy feature called Express Entry. It’s an electronic system based on points adopted in Canada for facilitating the immigration process. The IVA chatbot calculates the points automatically when users answer the questions. Version one is completed, but we’re still are working on the second version, which will be out around September.

BotsCrew integrated chatbot to Facebook Messenger, as it is a powerful platform that has billion of users and easily accessible. The next step is to connect the chatbot to EXEO’s website.

In addition, BotsCrew created a landing page integration.

BotsCrew and EXEO constantly communicated via Skype and email to keep everyone on the same page. Our team immediately responded to all questions or issues that our clients had and provided them with all information that they were interested in. BotsCrew regularly held demos and presentations to keep EXEO team updated on the development process.

"BotsCrew created value at the very first communication with us."


The first completed version exceeded expectations and received great feedback. Our cooperation with EXEO and combining our experiences made it possible to develop a chatbot that makes the immigration process more manageable and understandable for users. The chatbot was created for FB Messenger, where most people contact EXEO law.

Moreover, IVA bot understands both English and French. The chatbot has led to a large increase in customers for EXEO law since there is the possibility to book a consultation with a professional lawyer so the user can feel even more confident about his chances to get Visa.

At the end of the day, IVA helps with immigration issues and by preparing documents for visiting Canada as a tourist, student, worker or as an immigrant. Also, you can calculate your chances to go to Canada using it.

Additionally, by using the IVA bot, you can get a quote about Medical or Judicial issues.

As a result of all our efforts, BotsCrew and EXEO created a tool that can increase staff efficiency by helping people receive basic immigration information from the chatbot. IVA saves EXEO lawyers time, and clients money. IVA bot was presented on News Channel and Business Insider. Its Facebook page has almost 30K likes, and dozens of people are communicating with the bot every day to get their chance to go to the country of their dreams.