Сhatbot That Provides Information On Any Health Condition

A cutting-edge solution for the Healthcare industry to disrupt the current process of communication between doctor and patient


Dr. Carolyn Dean




NLP, Java, Spring Data


A chatbot and a custom voice-assistant device which provides information about symptoms, remedies, and supplements. Maggie chatbot gives users information concerning their health conditions and ways for treatment. Also, she checks on the patient within a couple of days and provides additional remedies if needed.


Dr. Carolyn Dean, an experienced medical doctor and naturopath, came across an innovative vision for the healthcare industry. The problem Dr. Dean is taking on is concentrated on the fact there is a large number of people with health conditions who are unable to reach out to a doctor if a situation were to arise.

Also, they are struggling to get straightforward accurate medical advice over their health condition through Google. They may find contradicting information that is provided by someone who lacks the medical expertise which can lead to inefficient or sometimes even harmful treatment.

Therefore, Dr. Carolyn Dean has taken it upon herself with the goal of creating an ultimate solution which would help people find natural remedies for their health conditions by using Dr. Dean’s expansive medical library. Dr. Dean understood that a chatbot would be the answer to her growing concerns about the healthcare industry and thus connected BotsCrew, a global leader in chatbot development.


With the task of developing a solution for the healthcare industry, Dr. Dean instilled her trust in BotsCrew’s understanding and specialized background in chatbot development. The team provided their ideas and thoughts on how to execute the most optimal chatbot from beginning to finish. Meanwhile, Dr. Dean provided the required medical information and initial chatbot flow which when applied to BotsCrew’s knowledge dealing with technical aspects, created a unique bot that caters to the patients and doctors of the healthcare industry.

In addition to creating a truly one of a kind solution, we developed three things actually: a FB Messenger bot, chatbot for website and custom voice-assistant device.

Dr. Dean’s chatbot helps patients receive the necessary information about their conditions, remedies, and supplements. The Chatbot cuts down on the time needed to find relevant information and minimizes the routine work for doctors which will contribute to saving time that they spend on basic consultations for more vital matters.

The custom voice-assistant device has similar functions pertaining to the chatbot. The voice-controlled interface is a much more convenient tool for many people, so basically it makes Dr. Dean more accessible for a larger audience.


The creation of Dr. Dean’s chatbot started with the collaborative development of the idea. Dr. Carolyn Dean provided BotsCrew with all the required medical information while simultaneously the team worked out all the functionalities and abilities of the chatbot that would benefit the users.

A development process starts with the chatbot prototyping, creating a botsflow and a chatbot’s persona. With this in mind, together with Dr. Dean team, the BotsCrew UX designers had created a friendly and welcoming persona that refers to itself as “Maggie." Maggie is nice, caring and fun to talk to. Her flow includes a variety of different bitmojis that Maggie uses in different situations to warm up a conversation with a user. BotsCrew’s UX designers created a naturally understandable botsflow with an intuitive design that would be instantly clear and easy to comprehend for all users to use.

With the help of Dialogflow, Dr. Dean’s chatbot has an impressive vocabulary featuring a large number of intents that the chatbot uses to communicate with her users. Having such an enormous “word bank" gives the chatbot ability to understand a large variety of users requests.

While in the testing and training stage, BotsCrew worked on chatbots NLP to make it flawless. Our Q&A department has been devoted to making the chatbot pristine and free of bugs. The training of Dr. Dean is still ongoing and BotsCrew’s Q&A team is currently working to make the chatbot as intelligent as possible. 

Besides the chatbot, BotsCrew created a website widget for Maggie, which makes her more accessible for people that are browsing websites on their computers. By using a widget, people can immediately communicate with the chatbot.

The other important aspect of Dr. Dean’s creation was the development of a custom voice-assistant device. Our IoT department dedicatedly worked on the Maggie voice-assistant to make the chatbot additionally more accessible for her users. With the voice-assistant, people can reach Dr. Dean much faster and more convenient with just a simple voice command.  


BotsCrew and Dr. Carolyn Dean created a cutting-edge solution for the Healthcare industry to disrupt the current process of communication between doctor and patient. Dr. Dean’s chatbot simplified and made medical information more accessible for all users at any time and place. 

The chatbot not only helps people that are looking for a relevant and valid medical information but furthermore is also massively beneficial for doctors and nurses. Now Patients can easily get immediate answers from a trustful source, their virtual friend that takes care after their health.

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