Google Action That Tracks Health State of People With Lung Disease

Google Action designed to help people who suffer from lung disease.






Java, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Spring Security, React.js


Google action created to help people who have chronic lung disease to track and control their health condition. It is designed to enable patients to monitor their health state, incidents frequency, and inhaler usage. This voice skill encourages people to keep an eye on their well-being and to analyze any changes in their health state.


Our client wanted to develop a solution that would benefit people with lung disease 24/7. The product would help patients to track their health changes and bronchospasm incidents in a convenient way that would be accessible to everyone.


The solution for this challenge was a voice skill developed for Google Home device. The client wanted to build a solution that would be easy to use and interact with. Patients would be able to tell Google device their information, and later on, they could access it in Admin Panel where all data is stored anonymously. The user would answer questions at morning and before bedtime to fill in Google device on patients health state. The communication with the Google Action would be simple and straightforward, so the users would naturally understand what they have to do.


Development process started with idea brainstorming. Our clients already knew that they wanted a voice skill and BotsCrew helped to choose the platform and define the functionality. When everything was figured out, we began to develop a voice skill for Google device.

The big part of the development process was focused on the integration of the Google action with BotsCrew Enterprise Platform where data which inputs patient is stored. Inside the platform or Admin Panel, we created 2 roles: Admin and Patient. We enabled Patients to track the sessions results and generate, view, and download them in CSV and PDF formats. Also, we enabled users to access the visualized data regarding their health in graphs, charts, and diagrams on the main dashboard.

The client wanted this product to be very secure, anonymous, and GDPR and HIPAA compliant. According to that, we limited Admin’s rights to access patients data. The Admin can see the results of patients communication with Google action, see and download stats on bronchospasm incidents, inhaler usage and general reports of an interaction between users and Google Action. However, the Admin can’t access patients personal information like name, address, IP address and so on. The action doesn’t store this information as well as it is not being kept in a backend.  In addition, the Admin can alter, edit, delete and add intents, entities of the Google action. The Admin can change and train voice skill straight from the platform.

Also, we implemented an account linking feature that means that one patient can continue the same conversation on multiple devices.


As a result, we developed a unique Google Action that supports people who have lung disease. The product would help patients to track their well-being and monitor changes and progress. This solution helps to keep an eye on patients health and gathers information in the form of reports that are easy to access and download.

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