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Chatbot for Restaurant Business Optimization

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A unique and innovative chatbot that reduces and takes away routine work and due to this, it helps to improve the interaction process between restaurant holders and its clients






NLP, Java, MySQL, Spring


Fetchh is an English chatbot startup. Their Facebook Messenger bot was made for café and market stall lovers who want to avoid waiting in endless queues or want to order ahead to make sure their favorite food doesn't sell out before they arrive.



The problem that Fetchh wanted to solve was that people were wasting time waiting in queues in restaurants and cafes. Rushing through life at the speed of which the modern world demands is challenging, and people shouldn't be sacrificing their spare time in queues, waiting to order their favorite foods. Before, people had to download various unnecessary apps for ordering food. Fetchh understood that spending precious time in endless queues just waiting and hoping that your food wouldn’t sell out before you can order is pointless.

Fetchh’s goal was to simplify the process of managing restaurants. They wanted to make it easier for café owners, employees and later even for the market stall owners. Therefore, Fetchh started looking for a company that could help them create the product that would eliminate this growing problem. They partnered with BotsCrew, the global leader in AI Chatbot development, to collaboratively work on a solution. Since BotsCrew has vast experience in the restaurant industry, it was a perfect match, so Fetchh could fully rely on us in the development process.


BotsCrew and Fetchh built a relationship based on trust. During the process of the collaboration, both teams discussed many different possibilities for the future Chatbot. Fetchh encouraged BotsCrew to share our ideas and recommendations for improvements. Our team took part not only in the Chatbot development but also in the idea development process as well. BotsCrew helped Fetchh to structure their concept and vision in order to create a product that brings real value to the restaurant industry.

Benefits that Fetchh brings to people:

  • It’s cashless
  • Great solution for people who have a busy life and no time
  • Pickup experience
  • Easier to follow café trends
  • Easier to follow market trends
  • Automation and optimization of the whole working process


At first, BotsCrew started to develop the solution with one simple functionality: one Chatbot for one restaurant, where you can check the menu, make an order and pay for your food. However, we decided to go further and make a product that would be a platform for multiple restaurants. BotsCrew and Fetchh had the vision for this Chatbot to be useful for both: customers and restaurant owners. That is why we decided to divide Fetchh to a user bot and an admin bot.

Based on our broad experience, Fetchh had no doubts and fully relied on our vision and gave us the freedom to create a UX design that we know will be the best for this Chatbot. BotsCrew designers worked out an intuitively understandable UX design that Fetchh loved.

The testing and training stage is the cornerstone of any development process. BotsCrew Q&A department put a lot of effort in Chatbot testing to ensure we are giving Fetchh a high-quality product. BotsCrew trained Chatbot NLP models so it could easily provide fast and relevant responses to users. The process of post-release training and the improvement of Fetchh is still ongoing as we aim to make the Chatbot as smart and sharp as possible.


As a result, BotsCrew created a unique and innovative chatbot that is now starting to gain its fame. Fetchh doesn’t want to stop at this point that is why the process of development and improvement is still ongoing. Now Fetchh is a platform for many different restaurants, and the number of its clients keeps growing. It includes both bots for clients and bots for business owners. Fetchh is connected to one Facebook page, but in a single bot it unites a lot of restaurants.

Without a doubt, Fetchh is one of the most prospective startups because it reduces and takes away routine work and due to this, it helps to improve the interaction process between restaurant holders and its clients.

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