Doddle Chatbot For Shopping Returns

An even easier way to make a return.






NLP, Java, MySQL, Spring


This chatbot for simplifying shopping returns works by gathering the required information for a retailer to perform a package return and money refund, all before the user gets to the store. Doddle bot is designed to make the online return process even easier and much more convenient for both customers and retailers.


The e-commerce industry is orientated on customers and making their experiences smooth and simple. That is why Doddle decided to take it upon themselves to solve a rising problem. The issue our client is trying to eliminate is the unnecessary time required for tasks that could otherwise be simply automated. Doddle wished to have a tool that would reduce the time customers would need to spend in a store making returns.

Doddle understood that a chatbot would serve as a perfect solution to the problem that they had been working towards to resolve. After in-depth research amongst top-tier chatbot vendors, they decided to side with BotsCrew, a worldwide leader in chatbot development, to help them build the perfect tool for the e-commerce industry.


Doddle wanted to create a chatbot that would have a narrow functionality to solve a particular issue – returning items. The bot aims towards saving the time of both customers and vendors. In doing so, this chatbot helps to increase the rate of client satisfaction while saving money for vendors in the long run which can now go towards saving on customer service representative costs.

Our client gathered different brands and shops onto a single platform made for fast and easy return shopping. If a user desires to make a return for a certain item of a brand featured on the client’s website, they can message the chatbot. It will then send the user a unique QR code that a user can scan at our clients’ closest locations when dropping off their item for a return. From there, the user will be sent tracking data that enables them to follow their returns and check up on their status.   

The client had the vision and knew exactly what they wanted, so they reached out to BotsCrew in help for them to bring their solution to life. Due to very defined requirements and clear-cut instructions from the client, BotsCrew was able to come forth with a chatbot that overcame all expectations and wishes.


Before we started the development process, BotsCrew and Doddle team had an in-depth idea discussion. We combined our client’s expertise in the e-commerce industry and our vast technical knowledge to create a chatbot that would solve a real and specific problem.

BotsCrew started the development process with prototyping the chatbot and creating a relevant botsflow. We wanted to make a chatbot highly useful while at the same time simple for users. Our team of UX designers created an effortless and naturally understandable design that would be intuitively comprehensible for users to navigate through.

BotsCrew enabled the chatbot to generate QR codes to be scanned when the customers visit a client's shop to drop off a package. The seller is to be informed in advance that the product is coming back into the supply chain in real time.

Another feature that was implemented into the bot is a parcel tracking system. When a user scans the generated QR code in-store, bot sends tracking information via FB Messenger so the customer could monitor package location and status.

BotsCrew’s Q&A team was focused on making sure that users’ interaction with the chatbot is smooth and effortless, and the botflow is relevant and accurate. During the testing stage, our team made certain that everything is sleek and works flawlessly to create the ultimate user experience. To make the chatbot even more polished and fluent, we still conduct after release NLP training.

Due to a great collaboration with our client’s team, BotsCrew were able to create an exceptional product for the e-commerce industry. Our crew regularly communicated with the client to keep them informed about the progress and changes that were done to the chatbot.


BotsCrew was devoted to creating a leading-edge product that would be beneficial for retailers, customers and the e-commerce industry in general.  

As the result of our commited work combined with clear and specific requirements from the Doddle team, we were able to create a product that has exceeded the expectations. Currently, the chatbot is gaining in popularity and is being widely used. The chatbot entirely fulfills its mission in simplifying the returning process by making it faster, more accessible and more comfortable.

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