An Amazon Alexa Skill to Interact with a Business Automation Solution

An Amazon Alexa skill to interact with a business automation solution Control – M. 

Client: BMC

Technology: Java (spring framework), Hibernate, Alexa Java SDK, Alexa Cloud

Industry: Business Automation 

Platform: Amazon Alexa


BMC is a company that specializes in workflow automation. BMC’s digital business automation solution Control-M makes it easy to manage all workflows with one unified scheduling interface. The solution gives the full control over every application and seamlessly integrates them. BMC designed Control-M to speed up the delivery of digital services and increase their quality with its cross-platform capabilities.


When Control – M has rolled out new features and updates that BMC has been working on for a long time, a solutions marketing team at BMC contacted us. They wanted to create an innovative solution that would help to show these new capabilities and would give their product a leading position on the market. 


BMC wanted to create a Skill for Amazon Alexa device that will enable users to interact with Control-M via a voice interface. The Skill would trigger workload automation via an API endpoint. The solution would simplify the workload of deploying and scheduling jobs in the development process. 


The development process started with the idea discussion. When BMC contacted our team, they had a clear vision of what they need. The company wanted an Amazon Alexa voice Skill and had precise requirements and expectations from the project.  

At this stage, we gathered all requirements, determined the main goal of the project, figured out the target audience and did time – estimate.

Next, we worked on requests that a Skill should be able to understand and perform. The main things we implemented were:

– Run job in folder in environment  

– Status of job in environment

– Status of resource in

– Set to in

– Make the current default

– Add a new environment

So, we enabled users to run the commands/jobs in different pre-defined environments using Alexa, check the status of the job, set the default actions.

We developed and implemented the following architecture:

User asks Alexa to perform the request > Alexa calls API > Alexa receives the reply from API > Alexa answers User. 

During the whole development process, we exchanged information with the client and kept them up to date with the project status. Because of good communication between the BMC team and our, fixes and updates we found while testing were turned around instantly, and we adapted the Skill to the client’s needs as they changed throughout the project. We discussed the changes and approved them quickly, so we never had to pause or renegotiate anything. 

As the final touch, our team assisted the client with setting up our environment post-delivery. 


As a result, our team designed, developed, and implemented an Amazon Alexa skill to interact with a business automation solution. The solution we delivered helped to show the capabilities of the Control -M and strengthened BMC’s position as a technology leader and innovator.

The code we delivered is now available for others to use as a model for their work. 

“Voice responsiveness has solidified the solution as a market leader. Despite the small scope, BotsCrew displayed the utmost professionalism, providing updates whenever required and mitigating time-zone dependent scheduling issues. Customers can expect comprehensive support, even post-delivery.”

Joe Goldberg

Innovation Evangelist, BMC Software Inc.

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