Working in a Travel Industry? You have to create a chatbot.
And this is why.

Tourism, traveling all round the world — one of the most exciting things which people enjoy.

On the one hand some people like to travel in comfort, so they are resting in different fashionable hotels. On the other hand, there are people who enjoy a backpacking or prefer to travel by hitchhiking and they obtain the same positive emotions.
All that unites these people is the Travel Industry.

Travel agencies, hotels, hostels, amusement parks, entertainments are working for the comfort of tourists.

Their goal is: Client must be satisfied and come back again”.

People are wondering themselves before each trip:

-Which airline to choose?
Where to spend the night?
What will I do there?
What interesting entertainment is there?
What should I take with me?

Answering all these questions takes too much time.

How to make the process of answering these questions faster?

We can easily find the answer here, in the world where technological progress begins steadily growing.

The answer is clear— chatbots.

A chatbot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that you interact with via a messenger or a chat interface.

Travel industry — one of the fastest growing sectors globally.

How can chatbot concern this industry?

For example what if some hotel creates a chatbot in one of the most popular apps Facebook Messenger.

What can be the functionality of chatbot?

1.The bot can be client’s assistant.
A person can use the application to know all the price list, available hotel rooms and etc. and not to attend the reception.
 Furthermore , the costumer can book a room and even pay for it via Messenger. That will speed up the decision-making process.

2.The bot can be a reminder.
It can remind you about going for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the hotel. It can remind you about a variety of events at the hotel such as musical evenings, conferences, comedy shows, etc.

3.The bot can improve a communication link with with hotel staff.
You can use a bot to order anything in the room.
Clients can solve all their problems with a few clicks and now they don’t need to use room phone.

4.The bot can be an entertainment assistant if a person is getting bored by staying in a hotel or she has no plans for the evening. The bot can advise where to go and what to do nearby.

Another example — travel agencies.

Chatbots also can help to travel agencies in different ways again as an assistant for the client.

1.With bot client can learn about a great deal of hot tours, where to go, can get information about entertainment included in the tour, and much more.
2.A chatbot can show different ways of entertaining leisure nearby if the client goes on a tour without an entertainment program.
3.Again bot can be a reminder.
A chatbot will write what is on the schedule when the client goes on tour.

The functionality of chatbot can be different, more important is to find the problem you want to cope with.

What will you get as a result of using a bot?

1.It will improve a customer service main component of a B2C business.
2.All above — bot will make the name of your business worldwide known.

Start-up Musement is a real example.

Musement — is an online platform and travel company which was founded in 2013 in Italy for activities, tours, museums, shows and art events.

In 2016 Musement launched their chatbot in Messenger.

Musement chatbot became an assistant for tourists. 
It helps travelers to
choose a hotel, find attractions and other useful things.
It certainly improved customer service and now Musement became one of the most popular travel businesses.

The result of the FB chatbot creating was a new channel for Musement`s customers.

Musement has raised $10m of investments.

Are you interested in the chatbots and their influence on travel business?
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